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Bess Atwell - Light Sleeper LP

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"You called yourself broken, but that's just what people are, that's how the light gets in," sings Bess Atwell in the opening moments of Light Sleeper, before gentle hums of strings and shuffling snares make way for the Brighton singer's voice at full pelt, singing with a newfound rawness. "Light Sleeper is about the willingness to feel," the Brighton singer- songwriter explains. "Somewhere along the line I had become very afraid of feeling."

Black Vinyl out on Real Kind.

1. Everyone Who's Not In Love With You is Wrong
2. Release Myself
3. Sylvester
4. Fan Favourite
5. The Weeping
6. Something Now
7. Spinning Sun
8. I Am Awake
9. Crowds
10. Light Sleeper

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