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Ducks Ltd. - Harm's Way LP (Limited 'Garden Fountain' Coloured Vinyl)


Ducks Ltd. make inviting and frenetic guitar pop for when life feels overwhelming. While the band’s songs are ostensibly breezy, a palpable anxiety boils underneath that communicates something deeper about everyday existence. On their latest album Harm’s Way, the Toronto duo of Tom McGreevy and Evan Lewis hones in on interpersonal and societal collapses, urban decay, and the near - impossibility of keeping a level head when everything around you seems to be falling apart.

1. Hollowed Out
2. Cathedral City
3. The Main Thing
4. Train Full of Gasoline
5. Deleted Scenes
6. On Our Way To The Rave
7. A Girl, Running
8. Harm’s Way
9. Heavy Bag

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