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Joy Division - Still 2xLP


Still, first released in October ‘81 through Factory Records is a compilation consisting of Joy Division’s unreleased studio & live recordings. Still includes a live recording of Joy Division’s last concert at Birmingham University, plus the only live performance of “Ceremony” which later become New Order’s debut single, and a cover of The Velvet Underground’s ‘Sister Ray’ recorded at the moonlight club in London April 1980. This new heavyweight double vinyl edition features audio from the 2007 remaster available on Vinyl for the first time. Double 180g Heavyweight vinyl out on Waner.

1. Exercise One
2. Ice Age
3. Sound of Music
4. Glass
5. Only Mistake
6. Walked in Line
7. Kill
8. Something Must Break
9. Dead Souls
10. Sister Ray [Live]
11. Ceremony [Live]
12. Shadowplay [Live]
13. Means to An End [Live]
14. Passover [Live]
15. New Dawn Fades [Live]
16. Transmission [Live]
17. Disorder [Live]
18. Isolation [Live]
19. Decades [Live]
20. Digital [Live]

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