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Lemonheads, The - Come on Feel LP (30th Anniversary Edition)


30th Anniversary reissue of American alt-rockers The Lemonheads’ classic 1993 album, includes a load of unreleased demos, alternative versions and rarities. Limited Edition Double Yellow and Red vinyl out on Fire Records.

1. The Great Big No
2. Into Your Arms
3. It's About Time
4. Down About It
5. Paid To Smile
6. Big Gay Heart
7. Style
8. Rest Assured
9. Dawn Can't Decide
10. I'll Do It Anyway
11. Rick James Style
12. Being Around
13. Favorite T
14. You Can Take It With You
15. The Jello Fund

1. Big Gay Heart (Demo)
2. Being Around (Alternative)
3. Into Your Arms (Acoustic)
4. Down About It (Acoustic)
5. Deep Bottom Cove
6. Acoustic Rick James Style
7. It's About Time (Acoustic)
8. Miss Otis Regrets
9. Learning the Game
10. Little Black Egg
11. Streets of Baltimore (Acoustic)
12. Frying Pan
13. He's on the Beach
14. Favorite T (Live in Session)

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