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Lauran Hibberd - Girlfriend Material LP (Blue Vinyl)


After documenting her life to date on Garageband Superstar, more than anything Girlfriend Material captures who Hibberd is in this moment – changed from the artist we met on album one and likely different from the artist we’ll meet in the future. It is, she says, a record that captures everything she is right now. “I’m figuring out who the hell I am,” she smiles. “I’m lighting candles and trying to manifest, I’m reading books, and I’m trying to run – all of these things will fade off in the next two months, and I’ll never do them again, but it’s part of that process.”

Blue Vinyl out on Virgin.

1. I Suck at Grieving
2. Jealous
3. Mary
4. 90's Kid
5. Happy for You
6. Better Than I Was Before
7. Anti Fragile
8. 2nd Prettiest Girl (In the World)
9. Girlfriend Material
10. Pretty Good For a Bad Day (ft. Alex Gaskarth)
11. So Romantic
12. Not the Girl You Hoped

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