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Lime Garden - One More Thing LP ('Reign in Blood' Red Vinyl)


Lime Garden are a Brighton four-piece who, whilst growing into adulthood together, are writing coming of age indie-rock with the influence of the modern pop culture that surrounds them. The debut album One More Thing is the band's love letter to the indie music they surrounded themselves with in their formative years, as well as a statement of love, fear, gratitude and embracing imperfections. The songs on this album challenge societal norms, breathe life into the mundane and they dream big. One More Thing is ambitious in its song-writing as well as its themes. Lime Garden welcome new technologies to help their traditional guitar sounds flourish into pop songs for the here and now.

'Reign in Blood' Red Vinyl out on So Young.

1. Love Song
2. Mother
3. Nepotism (baby)
4. Pop Star
5. Pine
6. I Want To Be You
7. Floor
8. Fears
9. It
10. Looking

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