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Owen - The Falls of Sioux LP (Caramel Coffee Swirl Vinyl)


Spanning more than two decades, Mike Kinsella's (American Football, Cap'n Jazz, LIES) widely influential songwriting has steadily sharpened and evolved with each new chapter. In his solo vehicle as Owen , Kinsella’s ability to seamlessly stitch jagged emotional currents into crushingly beautiful songs has remained at the forefront. The open-ness of the music offers even Kinsella’s weariest lyrics an almost playful counterweighting, giving new album The Falls of Siouxa new positioning that hasn’t quite appeared before now in the Owen discography. It’s like watching a difficult winter melt into a nicer-than-expected spring, with the kind of distance from bad times that makes them easier to laugh at in retrospect.

Caramel Coffee Swirl Vinyl out on Big Scary Monsters.

1. A Reckoning
2. Beaucoup
3. Hit and Run
4. Cursed Id
5. Virtue Misspent
6. Mount Cleverest
7. Qui Je Plaisante?
8. Penny
9. With You Without You

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